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What courses does DroneGurukul offer?
DroneGurukul offers a variety of courses, including drone piloting, aerial photography, DIY drone building, drone maintenance, and industry-specific applications.
Is there a placement assistance program available?
Yes, We provide 100% placement assistance to help students find opportunities in the drone industry after completing their courses.
Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in courses?
Some courses may require a basic understanding of drones or prior experience. Please check individual course descriptions for specific requirements.
How do I enroll in a course ?
You can enroll in a course by visiting the respective course page and following the registration process.

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What certifications can I earn at Drone Gurukul?
Depending on the course, you can earn industry-recognized certifications, including DGCA certification for drone piloting, as well as certificates for various other courses.
Who are the instructors at DroneGurukul?
Drone Gurukul instructors are industry leaders and seasoned professionals with extensive experience in drone technology. They provide expert guidance and support throughout your learning journey.
What is included in the RC Drone DIY Kits?
Our RC Drone DIY Kits include all necessary components and resources for building an RC drone, including complete drone parts, detailed assembly instructions, educational materials, tools, and technical support.
What safety measures are in place for hands-on training?
Safety is a priority at DroneGurukul. Hands-on training takes place in controlled environments with experienced instructors to ensure a safe and secure learning experience.

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